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DOT Air Brake

Tubing Specifications

DOT Nylon Air Brake Tubing

Engineered Polyester Blend of Tubing Retains its Flexibility Longer Than Traditional Nylon DOT Air Line Tubing in Harsh Heat, Cold and Oil Conditions.  Our DOT Air Brake Tubing is Easy to Install Fitting in Tight Corners.  Its Temperature Range of -85F to +200F Combined with Light Weight, Long Fatigue Resistance, Dimensional Stability, Excellent Abrasion Resistance, Low Moisture Absorption and Flexibility, Makes it Strong and Vibration Cracking Resistant.  The Engineered Formulation of these Air Tube Fittings Retains its Flexibility and Resists Impact Cracking in Both High Heat and Sub-Zero Cold Weather Conditions; Providing Longer Service Life than Traditional DOT Nylon Tubing in These Harsh Conditions.

Brakes are One of the Most Integral Parts on a Truck. Its Crucial to Have a Well Functioning, Dependable Air Brake System. With our DOT Approved Air Brake Tubing You are Getting a Dependable, High Quality, Product That will Allow you to Haul Safely and Earn More!

Air Brake Connectors Features:
Heat, Light and UV Stabilized
Available in Many Colors
Service Temperature -85F to +200F
Meets DOT FMVSS 106
Meets Performance Requirements of SAE J844
Type A Single Wall or Type B Reinforced Construction

Truck and Bus Air Brake Systems
Trailer Air Brake Systems
Auxiliary Air Systems

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