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Pneumatic Fittings and Supplies

Pneumatic Fittings Provide the Essential Link Between Tubes, Hoses and Other Components in a Pneumatic System. Air Fittings Feature Tighter Seals and Have Lower Pressure Requirements than Hydraulic Fittings and are Typically Offered in Various Connector Types.

‘Pneumatic’ Denotes the Delivery of Power Explicitly Through the Controlled Flow of Pressurized Gases (Including Air). In Every Pneumatic-Powered System, The Pressurized Gases that Run the Required Mechanisms are Delivered to Wherever They are Required Through an Airtight Network of Robust Hoses, Rigid Pipes, or Lengths of Flexible Tubing. Pneumatic Systems are Used Everyday in Construction, Dentistry, and Mining. An Air Compressor is One of the Major Types of Pneumatic Devices. They are Power-Driven Machines that Compress Air from Initial Intake Pressure to a Higher Pressure. The Higher Pressure is What Makes the Tool on the End of the Hose Operate Properly.

Picking the Correct Pneumatic Fitting Type for a Special Application Depends on These Many Factors:
  • Tubing Type Required ( Thermoplastic or Metal, Size in Inch or Metric)

  • Air Pressure or P.S.I. Condition

  • Thread Type of Fitting Required (Pipe, British Pipe, Metric, SAE Straight Thread)

  • Fitting Material Required (Brass, Thermoplastic, Stainless Steel, Nickel-Plated Brass)

  • Approvals Required (for Instance, Department of Transportation, FDA, Underwriters Laboratory)

  • Vibration concerns

  • Some Examples of Everyday Pneumatic Devices and Systems:
  • Air brakes on buses and trucks
  • Air brakes on trains
  • Air compressors
  • Rock Drills
  • Nail Gun
  • Pavement Breakers
  • Paint Sprayers
  • Blast Cleaners
  • Air Engines for Pneumatically Powered Vehicles
  • Dental Drill
  • HVAC Control Systems

    Most Air Circuits will use at Least One of the Items Found in this Section, if not More Than One of These Items.
    Once You Find The Hose You Need for Your System in Our Hose Department, You Will Find All The Pneumatic Connectors in This Section.  We have Pneumatic Check Valves, Regulators, Breather Vents, and Adapters to Complete The System. For Example, If you have a Compressor, a Blowgun is Needed.  Along with Filter Regulator and Lubricator (FRL).  

    The Last Section on This Pneumatic Hose Fitting Page is Just for Compressor Products.

  • Blowguns
    Brass Fittings
    Brass Fittings
    Check Valve
    Check Valve
    Control Valve
    Control Valve
    Sintered Bronze<br>Muffler
    Sintered Bronze
    Sintered Bronze<br>Breather Vent
    Sintered Bronze
    Breather Vent
    Sintered Bronze<br>Speed Control<br>Muffler
    Sintered Bronze
    Speed Control
    Compressor Supplies
    Compressor Supplies
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