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Spray Hose

Spray Hose

The targeted applications for the spray hose are Tree, Lawn and Pest applicators, Pressure Washer, Sewer Jetting and Sewer Cleaning.

The Tree, Lawn and Pest hose is a tough application for 2 reasons.  The dragging the hose over the ground continuously is tough on the cover.  The chemicals being sprayed are tough on the interior.  Our spray hoses, parts, and accessories address both these issues.

The pressure washing hose comes in pre-made assemblies or bulk that is cut to length or a 600 foot reel.  

The sewer cleaning is what the Contractor is using in different reel lengths.  Jetting hose could be used for cleaning the tile out around the home teamed up with the pressure washer.

Pressure Wash
Pressure Wash
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