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Live Swivels

Hydraulic Live Swivels

A Hydraulic Swivel Fitting is a Device that Allows the Hose Connection and Coupling to Rotate on an Axis up to 360 Degrees. This Process Prevents the Hose from Tangling, Twisting, Kinking or Bending Excessively, Significantly Lowering the Damage Risk. Hose Swivels can also Compensate for Sudden Changes in Hose Length During Pressurization, Reduce System Rigidity and Absorb Hydraulic Shocks and Surges in the Line.

Hydraulic Hoses are Susceptible to Potentially Damaging Motions and Vibrations During Operation. The Stress Generated by These Actions can cause Abrasions that Negatively Impact Hose Performance. That's Why the Engineers and Technicians who Develop Hydraulic Systems Must Find Ways to Route the Hose Assemblies and Prevent Hydraulic Fluid Leaks. Integrating a Hose Swivel into the Design can Alleviate the Issue.

These Swivels can Perform at Multiple Pressure and Temperature Ranges, Enabling you to use them in Various Operating Environments and Conditions. They Also don't Require Adapters, Providing Maximum Design, Installation and Placement Flexibility.

We Offer Many Sizes of Steel Live Swivels for You to Choose From.  Hose Swivels can Accommodate High-Pressure Operating Environments, up to 5,000 psi. Verify that the Product you Choose Offers the Pressure Rating Required for Your Applications.

Straight Live Swivel
Straight Live Swivel
90 Degree Live Swivel
90 Degree Live Swivel
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