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Gauge and Diagnostic

Hydraulic Test Port Adapters and Diagnostic Products

Gauge Port Adapters Allow the User to Install a Pressure Gauge, Diagnostic Nipple, or Sensor Inline in a Hydraulic System. All Units are Made from Zinc/Nickel-Plated Carbon Steel which Offers Reliability and Long Life of use. The Fittings are Rated up to 9137 PSI (630 Bar) Depending on Configuration and Size.

The Health of a Hydraulic System is Determined by Two Parameters Oil Temperature and Pressure. Consequently, Hydraulic System Design Engineers Should Install Devices in the System That Make it Safe and Simple, for Maintenance Technicians to Check the Pressure on a Routine Schedule. The Test point, Pressure Test Coupling is Designed for Just Such a Task. They Allow Machine Operators and Maintenance Personnel to Easily and Safely Connect Analog/Digital Measuring and Display Devices for the Temporary Testing or Continuous Monitoring of System Pressure. This Type of Connection Requires No Tools, can be Used During Machinery Operation, and Will Spill No Oil When Connected and Disconnected. The Unit Even Has the Capability to Connect Under Pressure.
The Pressure Testing Side of the Test Point is M16x2. The Side that Connects into the Machinery Comes in a Variety of Connections NPT, SAE, JIC, Metric, BSPP, BSPT, ORFS.

Test Port Hoses, Quick Couplings, and Adapters Allow Machine Operators and Maintenance Personnel to Connect Measuring and Display Devices in Order to Diagnose, Test, or Monitor System Pressure, Instruments, or Contamination.

The Test Port Locations are Established During the Design Phase of the Machine or System and can be Carried out During Operation or Full System Pressure. These are Comparable to FD90, Parker PD, Stauff SMK, and Other Popular Lines.

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