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JW Press Fit Copper Fittings

JW Press Cold Press Technology has been Around for Over a Century. We Offer a Huge Selection of JW Press Fittings.  

JW Press Fit Copper Fittings are Leak-Proof and Much Safer that Heated Soldering. JW Press Systems do not Need an Open Flame to be Completed. This Creates a Safer Work Environment and by Not Requiring a Hot Work Permit, Saves Time. Another Advantage Over Soldering, JW Press Fittings can be Installed Without Having to Drain and Dry the System Beforehand.

Why Use JW Press Fit Copper Fittings?
  • JW Press Fittings Save Time & Money - Quick, Heat-Free Process Doesn't Require Flux, Solder, Gas or Flushing of the System to Remove Contaminants

  • JW Press Fittings are Suitable for Potable Water and Hydronic Heating Systems (w/glycol or without)

  • 1/2" to 2" JW Press Fittings Feature an EPDM O-Ring with a Circumferential Leak Track which Creates Multiple Leak Points if the Fitting is Not Properly Secured to Easily Identify Unpressed Fittings

  • 2-1/2" to 4" JW Press Fittings Feature a Patented Bi-Directional Grip Ring Which Provides Increased Holding Power

  • JW Press Fittings Uses The Same Tools and Jaws as Other Press Fittings

  • JW Press Fittings Offer a 50 Year Warranty Against Defects in Material & Workmanship

  • Approvals/Certifications: NSF International, UPC/IPC by IAPMO, CSA International, CRN & MASS Approval

    JWPress Understands that Press Tool and Jaw Sets are an Expensive Investment
    for The Contractor, and an Expensive Inventory Item for Wholesalers. They Set About Their Improvements Respecting the Need to Use the "V" Profile Jaw Sets for the Whole Range of Fittings W' through 4". Their Focus is Clearly on Improvements to the Seal Mechanics, not The Shell of the Fittings.
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