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Male SAE 45 Flare Cross Adapter


A TEEs order is Run by Run by Branch

   02 = 1/8"
     03 = 3/16"
   04 = 1/4"
     05 = 5/16"
   06 = 3/8"
   08 = 1/2"
   10 = 5/8"
   12 = 3/4"
   14 = 7/8"
16 = 1"

Cut Tubing to Desired Length

Slide Nut on Tube
Threaded End of Nut Facing the Fitting Body

Flare End of Tube with 45 Flare Tool
Measure Flair Diameter
Examine Flare for Excessive Thin Out

Lubricate Threads &
Assemble to Fitting Body
Nut Should be Turned Hand Tight

Tighten Assembly with Wrench until a Solid Feeling is Reached
From that Point, Apply a 1/6th Turn

Do Not Over Torque as it May Damage the Flare or Split the Tubing at the Flare

Temperatures and Type of Tubing Used Determine Working Pressures
For the Chart Provided, Pressures are @ 73F and Using Copper Tube

  OD        Tube Wall       Pressure
1/8in        0.030in         2800psi
3/16in      0.030in         1900psi
1/4in        0.030in         1400psi
5/16in      0.032in         1200psi
3/8in        0.032in         1000psi
1/2in        0.032in           750psi
5/8in        0.035in           650psi
3/4in        0.035in           550psi
7/8in        0.035in           450psi

Male SAE 45 Flare Cross Adapter
Male SAE 45 Flare Cross Adapter
Male SAE 45 Flare Cross Adapter
Male SAE 45 Flare Cross Adapter
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