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Top : Fitting : Brass : Compression : Poly Tube : HF62PBH


Compression by Compression Bulkhead Adapter

   02 = 1/8"
     03 = 3/16"
   04 = 1/4"
     05 = 5/16"
   06 = 3/8"
   08 = 1/2"


No Flaring of Tube Required
Easy Installation
Captive Sleeve that Nut Rotates Around Sleeve
No Twisting of Tube
Can be Reassembled


Cut Tubing to Desired Length

Slide Nut/Sleeve on Tube
Threaded End of Nut Facing the Fitting Body

Insert Tube into Fitting Body Making Sure Tube is Bottomed on Body Shoulder

Plastic Sleeve - Tighten Nut Hand TightBrass Sleeve - Tighten Nut Hand Tight then an Additional 3/4 Turn

Maximum Metal Tube Wall Thickness
1/8 & 3/16 No Limit
1/4 - 0.035
Balance - 0.049

Excellent Vibration Resistance

Pressures @ 0F to 150F
Plastic Tube - 150psi
Metal Tube - 300psi

Temperature Range
Plastic Sleeve -40 to 150F
Brass Sleeve -65 to 250F

Limiting Factor May Be Tubing Temperature Range

Compression x Compression Bulkhead Adapter
Compression x Compression Bulkhead Adapter
Compression x Compression Bulkhead Adapter
Compression x Compression Bulkhead Adapter
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