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Pipe, Tube, and Weld Fittings Fittings

Sharkbite®, LIQUIfit™, TrueSeal™ Ball and Check Valves, Pipe, Welding, and Tube Fittings

In This Section You will Find Sharkbite®, LIQUIfit™ Fittings, TrueSeal™ Ball and Check Valves, NPT Threaded Pipe Fittings, Pipe Nipples, Swage Nipples, Hammer Unions, Instrumentation Fittings, and SAE Flare Fittings.

Sharkbite® Fittings are Durable, Field-Proven Brass Pipe Push-to-Connect Fittings and Valves Used for Effective Repairs. Sharkbite® Push-to-Connect fittings are Compatible with More Than Five Types of Pipe Including PEX, Copper, CPVC, PE-RT & HDPE. Transition Fittings are also Available for Jobs that have PVC or Polybutylene Pipe. No Special Tools, Crimping, Glue or Soldering Required. Approved for Underground and Behind-the-Wall Applications.

Parker's LIQUIfit™  Fittings Ensure Reliable and Compact Connections for Liquid Transfer Applications. LIQUIfit™ Offers an "Eco-Designed" Innovative Alternative for Water Applications; No Fluid Contamination Occurs and Environmental Protection is Guaranteed.  The LIQUIfit™ Body is Manufactured From a Unique Bio-Based, High Performance Polymer Produced from Renewable Plants, to Expand the Use of Non-Fossil-Based Resources.

TrueSeal™ Ball and Check Valves Are Push-to-Connect Check Valves That Ensure Protection Against Reversal of Flow. The Valves have an Arrow Molded into the Body to Indicate the Direction of Flow. Valves are Designed for Connection with Either Thermoplastic or Soft Metal Tubing and are Intended for Use with Liquids Only.

NPT (or National Pipe Taper) Fitting is a U.S. Standard for Tapered Threads Widely Used on Pipes and Fittings for Over 100 years. NPT Connections Seal Pipes for Fluid and Gas Transfer. They’re Available in Iron and Brass for Low-Pressure Applications and Carbon and Stainless Steel for Higher Pressure. NPT Connections Rely on Thread Deformation- a Metal to Metal Sealing Design Where the Threads of the Connectors Themselves Form Together. This Design is Ideal For Single Assembly Use and Not Recommended Where Connections will be Assembled and Disassembled Frequently Due to Wear on the Threads From Deformation.

SAE Stands for the Society of Automotive Engineers. SAE Fittings are Mostly Used in Refrigeration, Automotive Piping Systems, and Other Low-Pressure Applications. It's Common for Copper Tubes to be Used with SAE Threads.

What's the Difference Between SAE & NPT threads? The Biggest Difference is SAE is a Straight Thread, it Needs an O-ring, Gasket, or Sealing Surface to Form a Seal;
NPT Thread is a Taper Thread, it Can Form a Seal Using its Thread Pitch.

Sharkbite® Fittings
Sharkbite® Fittings
LIQUIfit™ Fittings
LIQUIfit™ Fittings
TrueSeal™ Ball Valves
TrueSeal™ Ball Valves
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