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Brass Ferrules

Available for Air and Fluid

A Pipe Ferrule is a Type of Pipe Fitting Made of Various Materials used Especially for Joining or Binding one Part to Another (as pipe sections). A Pipe Ferrule Consists of a Circular Clamp Which is Used to Hold Together and Attach Fibers, Wires or Posts. It is a Type of a Ring or Cap Attached to an Object to Protect Against Damage, Splitting or Wear. A Pipe Ferrule is Also Known as a Circular Fitting Device that is Used to Hold the Pipes Together.

Pipe Ferrules are Available in Various Sizes. Pipe Ferrules of Larger Sizes are Designed in Such a way That They have Special Hardening Processes which can Offer Better Leak Resistance and Tube Holding at Higher Pressures.

Ferrule Fittings have Two Parts like Body and Nuts, which are Connected Together to make a Perfect Joint.

Compression Fittings are Used Extensively in Hydraulic, Gas and for Hot and Cold Water Systems to Enable the Connection of Tube (Copper, Steel Nylon etc) to Threaded Components eg Valves and Tools; Compression Fittings are Suited to a Variety of Applications, Commonly in Water Plumbing Systems in Confined Spaces where Copper Pipe Would be Difficult to Solder Without Creating a Fire Hazard, and Extensively in Hydraulic Industrial Applications a Major Benefit Being that the Fittings Allow Easy Disconnection and Reconnection.

Compression Fittings are Popular Because They do Not Require Soldering, so They are Comparatively Quick and Easy to Use. They Require No Special Tools or Skills to Operate. They Work at Higher Pressures and With Toxic Gases. Compression Fittings are Especially Useful in Installations that may Require Occasional Disassembly or Partial Removal for Maintenance etc., Since These Joints can be Broken and Remade Without Affecting the Integrity of the Joint. They are also Used in Situations Where a Heat Source, in Particular a Soldering Torch, is Prohibited.

BFM Ferrule
BFM Ferrule
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BFL Ferrule
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BF Ferrule
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