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Top : Dixon Valve : Cam & Groove : EZLink™ Armless

EZLink™ Armless
Cam & Groove

Transfer of Fuels
(Gasoline or Diesel)
From Tank Truck
to Storage Tanks

Transfer of Liquids
Compatible with
Coupling & Gasket

Automatic Couplers
A Reliable Connection

Coupler Tabs Cannot Disconnect
with Pressures Over 20 PSI

Low Profile
Easy Connection
and Disconnection
in Tight Applications

Coupler Push Tabs are Lockable
Safety Pins or Zip Tie

Maximum Working Pressure
King Crimp™
250 PSI Up to & Including 2"
150 PSI 3" & 4"

Crimp Sleeves
110 PSI

Band Clamps
100 PSI

Gasket Temperature Range
5°F to 180°F

Lifetime Warranty
On Stainless Steel Tabs

Type B
Type B
Type C
Type C
Type D
Type D
Type DC
Type DC
Replacement Kit
Replacement Kit
Replacement Gasket
Replacement Gasket
Safety Clip
Safety Clip
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